At WildLands, Inc., restoring the health and beauty of the land is the nature of our business.  We specialize in native plants and use revegetation approaches that support biodiversity and create a healthy, attractive landscape for a sustainable living community.  Our services include:

Consultation and Project Planning – We offer years of experience and technical guidance for managing natural resources and planning and implementing eco-restoration projects. We provide revegetation strategies that mitigate environmental impacts, and we share data-based input to support decisions and help control costs and schedules. Clients rely on us for site ecology assessments and prescriptions for plant species, soil amendments, and erosion controls.

Environmental Compliance and Permitting Support – WildLands provides technical services and documentation to help clients obtain permits and comply with environmental regulations.  We conduct environmental baseline surveys, identifying critical areas and sensitive species and defining the area’s biodiversity.  We document and map the botany, wildlife, wetlands and streams and provide compliance-tracking support throughout a project.

Native Plant Provision – WildLands is a resource for large-volume plant production of containerized and bareroot native plants in wide-ranging sizes, species and quantities.  Through our own WildLands Nursery, we grow containerized and bareroot native plants, from seedlings to 25-gal stock.  Additionally, we have an extensive network of providers for plants, seed and materials.  We offer contract cultivation and wholesale nursery services.   up arrow

Seed, Cutting & Plant Collection – We have extensive experience in native seed, cutting and plant collection for restoration projects.  Collection is planned and performed for optimal viability, taking into account the growing season, seed ripeness and biological factors that impact plant growth and seed production.  up arrow

Site Preparation – We use manual techniques and special equipment to prepare sites for successful plant installation and establishment.  Our customized machines streamline preparation, minimize site disturbance, and protect vegetation, especially the habitat of endangered species.  Services include installation of permeable mulch matting or other weed-barrier fabrics; contouring; and installation of engineered structures, rocks, log barbs, root wads, or other elements for stabilization.  up arrow

Irrigation – WildLands uses a variety of irrigation techniques and systems to facilitate establishment of new plantings and to provide for short- and long-term watering needs.  We tailor approaches to the plants and the site, and we have devised successful methods for water conservation and ultra-efficient watering even on steep slopes.  up arrow

Plant Installation – Following our site-specific project plans, WildLands installs seed, plants, native grasses, erosion-control blankets, wattles, browse protectors, compost, mulch, and fertilizers.  We apply acrylic polymers, biodegradable covers, spray-on seed-fertilizer mixtures, and monofilament covers.  We hydroseed and hydromulch on the ground or from the air, plant on steep slopes or rugged terrain, and install massive numbers of plants over miles-long stretches of streambed, roadway or pipeline.  up arrow

Mechanical Planting – WildLands’ innovative mechanical planting systems provide for fast and efficient planting on sites with rugged terrain, gravel bars along streams, and steep road cut and fill slopes. The patented expandable stinger can pierce the ground and rapidly insert plants at just the right depth for excellent root establishment.  The ripper cuts through extremely rocky ground, facilitating installation of cuttings and other plants in riparian zones and wetlands.   up arrow

Hydro Applications of Seed, Mulch, Bark and Compost – We have extensive experience with hydro-applications of seed, mulch, bark and compost.  We offer precision applications from the ground and the air to provide excellent soils stabilization, erosion control, restoration and vegetative cover.  up arrow

Exotics and Weed Control – We develop site-specific management plans for exotics control, administering approved control methods with our licensed applicators.  We eliminate weeds with mulch matting; hand-eradication; and chemical, biological, mechanical and vegetative controls.  up arrow

Follow-up Care and Monitoring – After a site is revegetated, we monitor to ensure the health and survivability of the plants. Follow-up care can include maintenance watering, soil amendments, browse protection and exotics control.  We use a variety of techniques to protect newly planted sites from human and animal intrusion and damage from insects or predators on the surface or subsurface.  up arrow